Jessica Peterson joined Dr. Veerman’s office is June of 2009, having completed the dental assisting associate’s degree program at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Jessica hails from the bustling metropolis of Raymond, Washington—a two-hour drive from Seattle, Portland, and just about everywhere else in the Pacific Northwest. A town of 2800, Raymond claims (at least according to Wikipedia) to be the “city” where renowned grunge band Nirvana played their very first gig. Jessica’s graduating class at Willapa Valley High School was a mere 35 students, who made up for their small numbers with an abundance of teen spirit.

Outside of dentistry, Jessica enjoys spending as much time as humanly possible with her canine companion, Walker—a pure bred Alaskan golden retriever she found in Nikiski—and Dustin, a pure bred Alaskan man she found in Kenai. 

Jessica recently received advanced assisting instruction in the placement of specialized dental implants, and she is trained in the application of the Zoom™ whitening system. In addition to her AAS in dental assisting, she completed two years of study in human development at Washington State University.