Transcend Traditional Dentistry

a pictureWelcome to a new experience: one that will forever change your outlook and expectation when it comes to visiting the dentist. Our range of client services extend far beyond those of any conventional dental office, and
our delivery of care is both personal and professional. State-of-the-art technology, a warm, inviting atmosphere, and an array of spa amenities combine to provide you the highest quality care in the ultimate relaxation setting.

We know that very few people are actually excited to visit the dentist, and many harbor very real fear and anxiety at the prospect. We aim to change all of that. With every visit, we seek to provide you an experience that is truly remarkable. From our pre-treatment massage chair and aroma-infused paraffin hand waxes to our personal iPod music players—all complimentary—we take your personal comfort as seriously as we
do your health. Your time in our care will seem more like a day at the spa than a visit to
the dentist.