Dental Services

We perform a full range of general preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services for your entire family, including children.  From routine dental hygiene check-ups to complex procedures, we utilize the latest technology and the most advanced materials to deliver you the highest quality care.  While we strive to offer a substantially more enjoyable and enhanced dental experience for you and your family with our range of spa amenities, rest assured that they are entirely optional. 

Our general family dental services include:

  • Preventive treatment
                Examination with digital radiography
                Dental cleanings
  • Whitening Services
                In-office ZOOM! Whitening
                Opalesence take-home bleaching
  • Restorative treatment
                Tooth colored fillings
                Crown and Bridge
                Implant restorations
  • Extractions, Partials and Dentures
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Nitrous Oxide/ “laughing gas”

Spa Services

Our office atmosphere and range of services have been carefully designed to appeal to all five senses.  The sights, sounds, smells, feel, and even the tastes are centered on a single concept: offering the most aesthetically pleasing experience possible.  Once you experience our idea of service, you will never again settle for traditional dentistry.  

Our spa amenities and services include:

  • Reception room refreshments
  • Spa-relaxation music
  • Pre- or Post-treatment massage chair
  • Aroma therapy scented candles
  • Warm stone neck wraps
  • Aroma-infused paraffin hand waxing
  • Warm fleece blankets and eye masks
  • Personal [Ipod] music listening devices