With 30 years of experience in dentistry including 22 as a registered hygienist, Barbara Black has a faithful clientele and a reputation for outstanding work.  Barbara holds associate’s degrees in both dental assisting and dental hygiene, each from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  She has worked in the branch fields of periodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery, in addition to general dentistry.

Barbara is the mother of three daughters, two golden retrievers, one Australian cattle dog, and two cats.  Not only is Barb a twin sister of a twin sister, her husband is also a twin, and together they have twin daughters of their own.  Really.  And while Barb has a mere 45 years in Alaska under her belt, she gets bonus points for being married to a genuine Bering Sea commercial fisherman (just like those guys on the Discovery Channel).  She claims she’d “rather go for a walk at nine below zero than ninety above,” which has to warm the heart of even the crustiest Alaskan Sourdough.   Barbara, like April and Dr. Veerman, is also a Dimond High Alum.